Welcome to the Farm!!

Welcome to the Farm!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday, 11/26

The Thanksgiving feast has been cooked and consumed and the leftovers loved. The last of the turkey turned into a vitamin-packed soup for my husband and son who have been down for a couple of days with a cold/flu bug. Hopefully, the few days of rest and the soup, tea, and other liquids they consumed will have my boys up and about and feeling better soon. I think they’re running out of movies to fall asleep to!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to think of Christmas. Thankfully, the biggest chunk of my Christmas shopping is done. I still have a little canning to do and some wine that needs bottling to give as gifts for friends. I have a two-day break in my work schedule this week, so maybe I’ll be able to get it done, along with a couple of afghans that I’m crocheting. I recently learned that I can crochet while pedaling my exercise bike. That newly discovered talent will help me get my projects done without skimping on exercise!

Anyway, I pray you have a blessed week with less stress because you created a menu plan!

Don’t forget to stop by Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas! If you’re looking for some new recipe resources, check out this Recipe Index Round Up.

Menu Plan for Week of 11/26/2012


Lunch of the week – Salads, wraps or leftovers
Fruit of the week – Apples, pears

Monday – Spaghetti (easy dinner for a 4-H meeting night)
Tuesday –  Big salads, garlic bread
Wednesday – Loaded baked potatoes, salad
Thursday –Chicken tortilla soup (recipe coming soon…I hope!)
Saturday – Chicken a la Tom (I’m working a double, so hubby is cooking)
Sunday – Gumbo
Snacks – Crackers and peanut butter, fruit, yogurt, carrot and celery sticks, or popcorn.

Thank you for stopping by!

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,


  1. What a great post! Im working on my menu for the week and love how you plan out snacks! I need to do more of that so we dont end up with so many half open bags, boxes,etc of products. Such a great idea! Love the blog!


  2. Awesome on being able to crochet while riding your bike.. I think I'll have to give knitting a shot on the bike.. I cant crochet worth a lick.. on a bike, on a chair, or anywhere else for that matter. ;)
    Have a great day!



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